Professional partner

Part of Lesterius

FM Connection is a division of Lesterius. Lesterius develops custom FileMaker applications. We employ the largest number of Certified Developers of all FileMaker developers in Europe and are among the top five worldwide.

We are also a Platinum Member in the FileMaker Business Alliance and have been developing and hosting FileMaker solutions for over 15 years.


Our extensive programming knowledge allows us to quickly determine the cause of any issues you may be having with your applications.
Take advantage of our considerable knowledge and experience and let our experts look into exactly what kind of hosting setup you need. They will also be more than happy to set up the appropriate configuration for you.

FM Connection specialises in FileMaker hosting and can appeal to the developers at Lesterius if there are any problems with the FileMaker applications running on our servers.

Our engagement

  • Our servers are located in Europe.
  • FM Connection has its own infrastructure within three different data centres in Belgium and France.
  • All servers are behind a firewall and managed by us.
  • We will help you configure all your backups: database backups, system backups, daily backups, weekly backups, etc.
  • FM Connection continuously monitors the hardware, the systems and the availability of your applications on your servers. Upon request, specific processes or applications can also be monitored.
  • Maintenance work is always scheduled in advance.
  • Availability and response times in case of emergencies can be determined in consultation with us according to your needs.
  • The stability of our infrastructure and the uptime of your applications are our number one priority!
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