Co-Managed hosting

We manage your server
at your place

Your application is run mainly in-house, but you still want a professionally supported solution. You want the assurance provided by knowing that your entire infrastructure will remain within your own organisation. Are you looking for someone who can set up and manage this for you?

FM Connection can offer you this service.

Many of our customers prefer to keep their apps in-house. They want a professional and reliable solution and someone to guide them through the setup and management of their server.

Our consultants will assess your needs and work with you to decide exactly what needs to be purchased. They will also configure the entire setup. We can also take care of the management and maintenance of the servers, providing you with a reliable and professional in-house solution.


Mobile / Web access

We can also make your applications accessible from mobile devices so you can access, process and/or enter your data from your iPad or iPhone and/or via the web.


  • data stays in-house
  • faster access to applications within the local environment
  • you can also access your data and applications from mobile devices
  • management is in the hands of a professional that can also offer you additional services
  • backups can be stored internally or, if desired, handled by an external service
  • weekly status reports of your server and backups.

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