Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I choose FM Connection?

People choose FM Connection because they’re looking for a partner: a single point of contact for all matters relating to the availability of their applications. A partner who will configure and monitor your server, keep it up-to-date and, above all, ensure the continuous availability of your applications.

2. Which FileMaker licence do I need? FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server?

There is a distinction between ‘client licences’ and ‘server licences’.
Hosting always requires a server licence.

For Shared hosting, you do not need a FileMaker Server licence.

For Dedicated and Supported hosting, you need a FileMaker Server licence. The type of licence will depend on your needs and the application you have developed.

Your users will need a client licence. For desktops or laptops, this will usually be a FileMaker Pro licence. For tablets and smartphones, this will be a FileMaker Go licence. The latter is free, but you will need connection packs to be able to communicate with your server.
For a layman, it isn’t always easy to determine which licences you need and how to best set up your network. We set up a custom configuration for each customer and explain the various options.

3. What kind of hosting do I need?

Dedicated hosting is the solution that can be the most tailored to the customer. We provide the setup that meets your needs and that allows you to grow. It is tailored to your own particular situation, where you clearly choose to host your applications outside of your organisation, but also want to make them easily accessible from mobile devices.

Supported hosting is the professional solution for those who really need an in-house solution. If you’re looking for a professional partner to guide you through the creation of such a solution, who will also assist in monitoring and configuring your backups, then opt for Supported hosting.

4. Can I manage my server myself?

Choose us and you will be choosing a partner who will manage your server in all its aspects. You will probably want to do as little as possible because you don’t have the required in-house expertise.
Yet, you retain the ability to manage your users and of course customise your databases.
Depending on the skills that you may have in-house, with Dedicated hosting, you can define the mutual responsibilities in consultation with us, and certain aspects of management can be transferred to you.
With Supported hosting, this is also done in consultation with us.

5. How do I access my backups?

Regardless of the hosting solution you choose, all your data is always properly backed up. You have direct access to the data and, in certain setups, a copy can also be stored in your Dropbox account.
With Dedicated or Supported hosting, we will tailor the setup and frequency of your backups to your own personal requirements.

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